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    Have been here a couple of times for Chinese food and found it decent, so last night I decided to give their sushi a try. What a mistake. Never again!I ordered a rainbow roll. First of all, I was shocked by how tiny the roll was. It was a pathetic little roll that fit neatly into a small plastic container, that's how tiny it was. When you're paying close to $10 for an entree, you expect a little more, and for it to fill you up. Not this roll. The amount of fish on the roll was paltry, and most of it was tough and chewy. The roll fell unceremoniously fell apart whenever I picked up a piece. Poor quality and quantity, all in one (very small) package.Lesson learned: if you're looking for decent sushi, stick with a place that specializes in it, not a Chinese take-out joint.I also ordered some Chinese food (honey garlic chicken) and found it to be a disappointment in comparison to the other Chinese I've had from here in the past. The meat was tough and chewy, and bordered on overcooked. Their honey garlic chicken has always had a strong garlic flavor, which I normally enjoy, but last night it was overpowering. The egg roll included with the dinner was mainly vegetables and nothing to write home about either.Overall, my latest experience here was a big disappointment. It looks like their quality has slipped drastically, and the sushi isn't even worth trying. I won't be back.
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